Strategic Positioning And Effectiveness Of Feng Shui Consultation

Practiced for centuries in China, Feng Shui has arrived on beaches throughout the planet. Professional organizations adopt the concept of Feng Shui in all facets of business, by applying these principles to the design and interior design of the workspace. The main reason for the enduring faith in Feng Shui is the simple logic behind its workings. An excellent example of effectiveness of Feng Shui is the documented episode of a property management firm that enjoyed having a metallic statue in their conference room. This statue was much admired by all, until one day, when, as a result of renovation, the statue was put beyond the room. Six months later, in a Feng Shui consultation, it was advised that the statue be substituted in its original place in the conference area, to be able to improve the financial condition of the business.

Oddly enough, on evaluation of the financial records of the six months preceding this replacement, they discovered that a period of fiscal lull matched the period where the statue was moved from its first place. In this case metal has been used to boost the prosperity of the company, even though it need not necessarily be metal which brings in the great fortune. The important point to remember is that, prior to a significant overhaul or growth of a business, obtaining a professional practitioner of feng shui consultation. This individual will have the training and the knowledge to organize your work environment in a fashion that will improve the productivity of regions that may otherwise have been less productive than others. Spaces which are especially sensitive to the fundamentals of Fung Shui are areas housing the sales and marketing staff. Effectively organizing these regions will bring in prosperous times for all involved.

When arranging a ‘workspace’, It is important to Consider the following scenarios that could have profound effects on the overall performance of their workers.

  • Provide an immediate view to the entry. – Do not place a worker such that their back is to the entrance of an office or cubicle.
  • Avoid putting an employee in the direct line of a doorway. -This takes away any sense of solitude and can create a feeling of always being watched. Furthermore, it sets the worker directly in the rush of Chi. This can have adverse effects on productivity and health.
  • Last, use warm lighting rather than glaring fluorescent lighting, if at all possible. – Lighting can change the whole atmosphere of a room. Keep it balanced however. Overly bright, and it may lead to headaches and an irritated staff; too low and it may create sluggishness at the work place.
  • Maintain a pleasing environment to each of the senses. – A consultation in a hospital disclosed that the lobby had a foul odour. This discouraged people from needing that hospital as their maintenance provider.
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